Polyurethane finish, anti-rust – STEEL IT 1002

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Polyurethane Finish, anti-rust

This product is a single component, air-dry, coating consisting of tiny flakes of pure 316 L stainless steel laminae in a Polyurethane resin, which provides optimum protection against caustic environments, abrasion and corrosion for surfaces made of metal and other materials.

STEEL IT 1002 is easy to apply and leaves a non-toxic surface, which also provides effective protection against harmful UV radiation. STEEL IT 1002 is electrically non-conductive. It is particularly suitable against: humidity, cutting oils, industrial exhaust gases, food acids, syrup, alcohols-mild-acids- and alkalis (less than 2%) and it can be applied to all metals as well as many synthetic materials.

This product is USDA approved.

The primer coating „Alkyd Primer 2203” is made with modified alkyd resin, selected silicates, and iron oxides, mixed with a leafing pigment of 316L stainless steel. This creates a durable primer coat for steel surfaces and other metals that require effective anti-corrosion protection.

STEEL IT Polyurethane is a single pack product, ready to use (Article-No. 1002) which can be applied by brush, roller, or spraying. Also available as an aerosol spray for minor jobs or touch-ups.

STEEL IT Alkyd Primer is a single pack product (Article-No. 2203) ready to use. Application method same as #1002. Is Chromate free.

For protection against corrosion by severe atmospheric environments, high pressure wash-down, fresh and salt water, abrasion and impact. The product is used for steel scaffoldings, food plant, packaging and repackaging machines, industrial plant, in general for conditioning or cooling plant, for motor vehicle maintenance, for trailers, pathways, tanks, towers.


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