High temperature coating – STEEL IT 5903

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High temperature coating (649 °C)

A single component silicon based metallic paint coating with a high content of unique 316L stainless steel leafing pigment. Provides corrosion protection for parts that are subjected to heat cycling especially at high (above 200°C) temperatures. During application and as part of the drying process, the leafing stainless steel particles rise toward the surface of the paint film, overlap and dry-in-place, thus forming a stainless steel metallic barrier.

STEEL IT 5903 „High Temperature” is heat resistant up to  649°C  and extends the service life of boilers, mufflers, pipes, motors, drying tunnels, etc. The high thermal conductivity of the stainless steel particles enables heat dissipation throughout the paint film thus reducing damaged caused by overheating.

Unlike many high temperature silicone coatings, which do not air dry, 5903 will dry to touch in about one hour.  It will require a 30 minutes (or longer) bake cycle at 200°C to cure properly and to attain optimum hardness and durability as well as its maximum chemical and abrasion resistance. Further curing will take place in service as the coating chemically converts to form a complex silicone/stainless steel matrix that bonds tenaciously to well blasted metal.

STEEL IT High temperature coating STEEL-IT 5903 does not require a primer, but is self priming. Primers are not recommended as the coating must be free to form bonds with the bare steel at high temperature.

Clean surfaces and adequate surface preparation are consequently critical. The product should only be applied to clean, scale free, rust free steel, for optimal results, the blasted steel surface should have an adequate anchor pattern for good adhesion. Sandblasting to at least a near white blast is strongly recommended for any surface expected to be required to withstand 280°C – 649°C.

This product is  USDA approved.

STEEL IT High Temp. 5903 is a single component product which can be applied by brush, roller or spray (spraying is the prefered method). Also available as an Aerosol spray for minor jobs or repairs.


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